The World is Falling Apart – Here’s a Polaroid!


If you want some loving letter or a Polaroid of me (for whatever reason), here’s all you need to do:

  • Donate $1 to any non-profit or news organization of your choice and get a hand-written short poem, story or essay about love sent to you.
  • Donate $3 to any non-profit or news organization of your choice and get a hand-written short poem, story or essay about love AND a Polaroid sent to you.
  • Send me a photo/screenshot of the receipt to

Here are just a handful of organizations you can donate to. All of their home pages have a huge “DONATE” button for a reason. Please take the time to read about all of them and what they do:

InsideClimate News
Planned Parenthood
Black Lives Matter
Doctors Without Borders


I tried to do this Polaroid giveaway last year to promote self-love and share my writing, but no one really cared. So let’s see if these new stipulations are more encouraging.

These news headlines are stressing me out so much, I can’t even be in the mind space of continuing my “Asian-American perspective” series because I’m just so angry and scared about a number of things happening.

I want to disappear. To run and find a resistance just to start shit up. Unroot, pack up and leave to do. Fucking. SOMETHING.

I committed this year to being chill as fuck because my anxiety needs to be handled, but there’s no way I can do that. It really sucks when you thought you had shit planned out, but assholes want to fuck with your overall well-being. SO, I will do the little shitty broke-ass bit I can while I formulate a master plan to execute in the future.

I battle overwhelming fear and panic every day. It is a struggle for me to read and stay up to date on the news, but I have to do it. It’s a struggle to email representatives every day and have to repeat yourself over and over again with the hopes that they’re actually listening to your concerns.

And I know I’m not alone.

Which is why being good and perpetuating good is important to do. It isn’t easy. I smile a lot less and I find that I can be more… harsh with my words. But I do my best not to speak out of malice (unless it’s warranted).

So this will be a practice to be “more good” for me and for you.

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