I’m having a hard time posting consistently because the topics I want to write about vary and one can be so STARKLY different from the other.

I have so many drafts sitting around because one of my thoughts can turn into a speech expanding into bullet points and gods-forbid chapters.

So to turn my problem – which seems to stem from some sort of aversion to commitment coupled with my inability to finish what I start – into an advantage, I’m just going to mix my posts up and leave it to whoever reads these to choose what they like.

I have writings on self-love, to a “#WomenCrushWednesday”-inspired movie club, to finding my identity as an Asian-American woman and finding my brand of feminism. Just a mish-mash of things.

Some will be coherent and well-thought/well-written. Others will be garbage from a garbage person (me). And still others will be literal vomit.

Please bear with me while I figure this out.

– KD ❤

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