A Labor of Love

Initial logo

I finally started putting this thing together.

A few months ago, I realized it’d be easier to have one place to find all my projects because I tend to do a lot and have them on so many different mediums – it can be hard to keep track.

It’s taken so long because it’s been a slow labor of love, coupled with spreading myself thin; I wanted this to be how I’d dreamed and with plenty of content.


This blog strives to be feminist and pro women’s rights; I do everything I can to support my ladies and the culmination of this blog is an example of that.

I was first inspired by my friend Jeanne at JNNS.CO ! I even took her top-level domain and wanted her logo ha~. We’ve been friends since elementary school and I’ve always looked up to her artistic skills. Clearly she’s killin’ it in the real world as evidenced by all her social media!

Her blog and the projects she posts on her Instagram accounts inspired me to try my hand in it, so be sure to follow @jnns.co for her creative work or @jeannnes for her personal profile!

The designer of these amazing logos are by my friend Melaniee who is in school for graphic design in San Francisco.

I was so excited when she loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it! I was happy to have her cool-ass 90s vibe involved and happy to find out that we totally have similar tastes. Check her out @lani.lo!

I’m incredibly excited because I’ve finally found some inspiration and motivation to put it all together. Everything I (try to) do is for the people I love. I wanted all of you to have a space to feel safe, voice your opinions, and have conversations with no judgments and only understanding. I hope misskings.co will be that space!

Spread that love, peace and chicken grease my babies.

❤ KD

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