Write and call your senators

Growing up, I was never proactive.

I always wanted to be and dreamed of actually having the ovaries to be proactive.

But I always fell short. I always used my small stature and frame as excuses as to why I could never be at the forefront of any movement. I never believed someone like me could ever make a difference. What did I have to offer that was so special?

Now I’m just too selfish and loud to worry about being special. I just want to talk talk talk and write write write about everything that gets me going.

So I’m telling Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) how I feel. And IF you want to join me by calling or writing or sharing your words, please do.

I’m on a mailing list for I Stand with Planned Parenthood, and they do a great job of sending out things you can do/participate in to be active in supporting them.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 23 the House will be voting to replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare) with the American Health Care Act. To see whether or not that might be a problem for you, check out this video from the Washington Post.

I Stand with Planned Parenthood is rallying supporters to call their senators and tell them why they should vote NO on replacing the ACA, AND they provided the script below:

Hi, my name is __________ and I live in ___________. I’m calling to ask the representative to vote NO on the health care bill that attacks Planned Parenthood and do everything possible to stop it from passing.

They also suggest telling or adding a personal story of why YOU stand with Planned Parenthood.

But if you already feel uncomfortable being on the phone for that long (like me), then you can just say “Good-bye.” or “Good-bye!” or “Love ya!” or “EAT IT.” at the end of that.

Then I would suggest just use that same script for future phone calls AND postcards:

Hi, my name is __________ and I live in ___________. I’m (calling/writing/tweeting/facebooking) to ask (name of representative) to vote NO on the (insert type/name of bill) that attacks (whichever rights) and do everything possible to stop it from passing. (OPTIONAL: because…)

I like to take template and add words I use in every day conversation. Like, I’d say “Howdy, I’m Karla!” instead of “Hi, my name is Karla.” So feel free to experiment with that too!

Happy interfacing!

❤ KD

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